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The Practical Startup Marketing Guide to Online Advertising - eBook Cover

We Cover What You Need

  • The Basics: Goals, leads, results
  • Where To Advertise: The top 4 online advertising channels
  • How To Do It: Landing page & display ad best practices
  • Measuring Up: Measuring KPIs, setting up conversion tracking, establishing budgets

Why We Wrote It

We wrote this ebook after talking to hundreds of marketers who needed help planning their campaigns. Advertisers asked us how to measure their results, improve their CTR, and how to make their dollars count.

We took everything we know and wrapped it up to help people get started.

With Contributions From

Luke Thomas Luke Thomas Growth Marketer at Safari

Luke shares a story of bypassing ad sales people and getting a $2 CPM when he was offered a $10 CPM.

Zack Onisko Zack Onisko Chief Growth Officer at Creative Market

Zack explains how Creative Market measures and scales their advertising budget.

Yehoshua Coren Yehoshua Coren Founder of Analytics Ninja

Yehoshua demystifies how to setup conversion tracking and measure RIO through Google Analytics.

People Love It

Terry Myer

A must read for veterans and newcomers alike. This guide is an in depth analysis presented in an easily to digest format.

Terry Myers, Campaign & Social Media Manager
Janet Aronica

This eBook is an essential for any startup marketer looking to grow their company like crazy. It's an awesome overview of all the online advertising channels out there and is full of great tips to help you get started.

Janet Aronica, Startup Marketing Consultant

Sneak Peek

The Basics: Goals, Leads, Results Where to Advertise: The Top Four Online Advertising Channels How To Do It: Landing Page And Display Ad Best Practices

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