Carbon Ads is an ad tech company behind a new kind of advertising network. Carbon connects advertisers to highly-relevant users through targeted verticals we call Circles. These circles are made up of influential publishers who lead or are engaged within their industries. To their audiences, Carbon brings well-designed, value-focused ads, displayed one per page above the fold, for quality brands, products and services that readers actually need and want.

Carbon targets these quality brands and services through the curation of relevant audiences. This curated grouping ensures that impressions achieve powerful impact, resulting in clicks and conversions today, while also maximizing long-term brand and customer lifetime value. By giving (shockingly effective) attention to ‘the metrics’ without making them the focus, Carbon fosters lasting and valuable relationships between advertisers and publishers, and through them, consumers.

Carbon focuses on value, not just monetary but also lasting brand messaging, brand integrity and demand creation. In this way Carbon is producing online advertising with a long-term goal, different from the quick consumption, “Click here! Click here!” ethos that has become the norm. Carbon Ads was founded in 2010 and is operated by the fine folks at BuySellAds. The team includes Andrew, Matthew, and Todd.

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