Our network is invite-only. We handpick both publishers and advertisers. That said, we're not a closed network, so we're constantly looking for new publishers & advertisers that fit into our niche.

Why is your network invite-only?

In order to make advertising a positive experience for everyone, we believe that the focus must be on value. And in order to focus on value, we must insist on the highest quality. Therefore, if you’re not on the list, we’re afraid you can’t come in. The best way to become part of Carbon Ads is to innovate, push the boundaries, be active and engaged within your community and industry, and most of all to create the best applications, content, products and services possible. If you do these things, you can get in touch with us via Twitter or by emailing us.

How does Carbon’s network benefit Publishers

Carbon is at heart a publisher network, founded on the principle that advertising should be an experience of added value to publishers and their readers, instead of being a necessary evil. The network is an exclusive club of publishers at the forefront of their industries, and serves as a home where they can create awesome content and follow their passions instead of publishing for advertising sake. For our publishers, the network represents an invite-only monetization platform, with ads served that are interesting and relevant to their readers.

Publishers receive monthly payouts from ad spots that achieve a premium return-per-mille, and can monitor their revenue stats from a private dashboard to allow them to maximize a return on their work. This in turn enables them to create more quality content and to spend more time engaging with their communities. Thus reputations grow and improve through content and brand association, integrity of publishers is maintained, and the network as a whole represents more and more an ‘industry by industry’ list of the web’s best.

What Do You Look For In An Applicant?

We consider several factors when reviewing requests to join the Carbon Ads network.

  • We look at how relevant our ads will be to your audience.
  • We look at your average number of monthly page views.
  • We look at whether your site is actively maintained.
  • We look at whether there is a vacancy in the network.
  • We look at your ability to comply with our terms of service.
  • We look for sites with healthy CTR rates

If you would like to join our publisher community, contact us with your website address and monthly traffic details. We'll evaluate your site, and get in touch.

Where Should I Place The Ad On My Site?

First, we ask that you read the Acceptable Ads Manifesto (5-minute read). Since Carbon Ads is whitelisted by Adblock Plus, we ask that all of our members abide by the Acceptable Ads Manifesto.

Once you're through the manifesto, you can place our ad tag code into your pages in an appropriate manner.

Does The Ad Need To Be Displayed On Every Page On The Site?

No, you do not have to put Carbon on every page of your site, only the pages where you would like the ads to appear.

Am I Allowed To Display Other Ads On My Site?

No. We are a single-ad-per-page network. By accepting our invitation to Carbon Ads, you are entering into an exclusive display advertising partnership.

Can I Style The Ad Any Way I Want?

Yes, you certainly can. You can format the CSS in any way you see fit. All we ask is that you not hide the disclosure "ads via Carbon" as it violates the Acceptable Ads policy.

Do You Have Any Policies About How Ads Should Behave On A Mobile Site?

The advertisement must be visible within 3x of the mobile viewport height, starting from the top of the mobile browser. An iPhone 6, with a viewport height of 375 pixels, needs to have advertisement visible within 1125 pixels from the top of the browser. The ratio is the same for both portrait and landscape views. The general principle is that the site visitors should be able to view the ad with only one-tap scroll.

Can I Feature My Own Product/Service With Display Banners?

You may feature your products alongside Carbon Ads, but we encourage you to follow along with the Acceptable Ads Manifesto to maintain a site design that is free from distraction. Moderate use of display banners is highly recommended.

What are Carbon Circles?

Carbon’s Circles are the way in which Carbon curates its demographics, building up readerships with specific interests so that its ads can be targeted with relevance. They are groups of publishers; companies, websites, apps, and creative professionals within the same niche.

What makes your ads special?

Every single Carbon ad is as gorgeous as the products they display. Carbon requires all ad spots served across its network to be attractive and well-designed, with no annoying animation and unobtrusive at just 130x100px in size. Through their design quality, as well as the quality of the brands advertised, the ads never compromise the integrity of the sites on which they appear. They are displayed as the only ad per page, and appear above the fold, demanding consumer attention quietly but effectively. Like the mysterious but beautiful girl who sits at the back of the class and doesn’t say anything, you can’t help but look at her.

The web is littered with ‘Ad Technology’ companies. How is Carbon different?

Carbon isn’t just an aggregation of sites. We are a network of publishers, each one selected due to their quality content, forward-thinking ethos and engaged, passionate readers. Carbon brings these publishers together to create refined demographics to ensure that the ads served by our advertisers are targeted and relevant. We call this “targeting by curation”; collecting niche audiences together and presenting them in front of our advertisers. Alongside improved short-term ROI, Carbon cultivates long-term value and brand messaging through close relationships across the network and quality brand association with integrity.

How does Carbon’s network benefit Advertisers?

Advertising via the Carbon network positions your ads in front of relevant audiences, filled with early adopters and product evangelists. These audiences are built around publishers who are not simply content outlets, but who are engaged within their communities and influential within their industries. This curated grouping of impressions by the Carbon team, who are active within and familiar with each demographic, ensures that impressions achieve powerful impact, resulting in better than industry standard clicks and conversions today, while also maximizing long-term brand and customer lifetime value.