• Invite Only Network, hand approved publishers and advertisers.
  • Single, Relevant ad that appeals to visitors of websites with common influence.
  • A better relationship for publishers and advertisers.

Carbon Ads delivers an average of 100 million ad impressions across the network every month.

Circle of Influence

Carbon Circles are groups of websites and applications, run by some pretty awesome people. Each circle is highly focused and its sites are curated to provide high quality page impressions. To keep things balanced, we only select advertisers who provide products that the visitors need, want and love.

Wide Reach with a Single Buy

With a great product and a beautiful ad, why would you commit to a single site? You should get out there and strut your stuff! All Carbon ad spots rotate evenly through all of the sites in a circle throughout the month.


To ensure that our circles are filled with awesome, we curate them ourselves via invitations. Being part of the communities that we serve keeps us in tune with what's hot. In fact, we all get together and play “hot or not” and send those that are “hot” an invite.

Beautiful Ads

Speaking of hotness, we pay extra attention to the appeal of the ads that we serve. “Did you see the kerning on that ad?” is pretty common around Carbon HQ. Just in case, we have ad-interior decorators if you need some help spicing it up.

Improved ROI

Relevant ads placed in front of the ogling eyes of passionate web consumers is a win-win. When publishers promote products they actually use and enjoy, an increase in brand awareness and click-through rates is the natural result.

Connect With The Community

Each month we search high and low for thought leaders rising to the top on Twitter and Hacker News. We pride ourselves on hosting a network of industry relevant publications. Our audience is looking to learn new things and find new products. Be part of the community.

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